Challenges are present in Saints Row the Third and can be found in Saintsbook.


Get 50 Grenade kills

Get 25 nutshots

Kill 30 Brutes

Get 500 headshots

Destroy 300 cars

Destroy 60 helicopters

Destroy 25 boats

Destroy 25 Tanks

Get 250 carjack on vehicles

Kill 200 Mascots

Explore every hood

Find 50 shortcuts

Take 50 hostages

Hold up 15 stores

Streak for 600 seconds

Perform big air distance for 1524 metres

Taunt 50 gang members

Vehicle surf for 600 seconds

Windshield cannon for 304.9 metres

Run Over 500 Civilians

Oncoming lane distance for 30480 metres

Wheelie a motocycle distance for 3048 metres

Powerslide for 300 seconds

Kill 50 Morningstar Specialists

Kill 50 Luchadore Specialists

Kill 50 Decker Specialists

Kill 25 STAG COmmandos

Perform 500 near misses

Bail out distance for 2000 metres

Spend money for vehicle modding 20000 times

Take 150 human shields

Drive 762 metres on 2 wheels

Perform stoppie distances for 305 metres

Get 500 multi kills

Perform Parachute landings on the target 15 times

Get 25 melee kills

Compliment 50 people

Drive for 762000 metres

Defeat 32 gang operations

Complete 25 survives

Destroy 50 smart cars

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